What to do if I notice ...

  • dark smoke coming from the chimney or other parts of the source, from burning various flammable materials in the open fireplaces on the concourse;
  • bothering odor arising due to the operation of a particular resource, or odor of indeterminate origin;
  • other sources or activities of air pollution (only stationary sources, not mobile sources).

In case of a small stationary source used in a family house, apartment, building for leisure or for business contact the appropriate local Municipal Authority. Use the same procedure to report the burning of flammable materials in the open fireplaces on the concourse. You should attach an evidence and documentation to the report in the extent specified in the chapter relating to making a complaint. Bothering smoke or odor coming from small stationary sources or from burning materials in the open fireplaces is in this case an infraction, which will be dealt with according to the  Infractions Act. If you contact in these cases CEI, your matter will be given to appropriate Municipal Authority directly or after verification of the source category.

In other cases, including medium, large or extra-large sources, please contact the corresponding Regional Inspectorate CEI – the Department of Air Protection. You ought to give a notification or report of a similar extent as described above.

Permanent staff availability is provided by telephone lines intended for the reporting of accidents in all categories and by mobile phones of all managers from the Department of Air Protection, or other inspectors.

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