GreenForce update on its activities in 2010

Final reports from the GreenForce meetings held in Prague on March 2009 and in Pamplona on June 2009 as well as strategic discussion concerning the working plan for next three years are going to be discussed at the 5th GreenForce Plenary Meeting. All planned meetings in 2010 have been cancelled due to the limited funding. Following plenary meeting should discuss the functioning of the GreenForce Network since 2006 and improvements for future. European Commission is going to discuss the basic framework for the GreenForce Network at annual Nature and Forest Director meeting in autumn 2010.


In November 2010 was established the new cooperation platform for illegal logging and environmental crime (proposed to be called THEMIS) which will be an informal network of national authorities responsible for natural resource management and protection, and for the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental law in the South Eastern European (SEE) countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia. Croatia and Turkey are participating in the network in an observer capacity). The network will operating in partnership with INTERPOL, as adviser, providing expertise for the Multi-Annual Work Programme (MAP) activities and liaising with the World Bank, European Commission, FAO, INECE and GreenForce. The beneficiary countries endorse the proposal with joint statement at the conference in Budapest on 24 – 25 November 2010. Organizers of this new network invited the GreenForce representatives to participate at the meeting in Budapest.

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