What to do if I notice ...

  • accumulation of waste on to an unspecified location, ie the creation of an unauthorized landfill, so-called "illegal dumps"?

Contact the relevant Municipal Authority or the Municipal Police. It is also appropriate to get the evidence (video, photo documentation) about the person who stores waste at these places.

  • spreading odor from landfills, sewage treatment plants, sorting lines, composting, collecting yard or other facilities and businesses?

Report a complaint to the relevant Municipal Authority or the corresponding Regional Inspectorate of CEI.

  • abandoned car wreck, electrical equipment?

Notify the relevant Municipal Authority.

  • When you need to dispose of electrical equipment.

Use the take back station (see below) to get dispose of the old paint and varnishes, manure, photographic materials and other chemicals, packages contaminated by oils, colors, etc., or get them to the collecting yard.

  • If you do not know where a collecting yard is in your municipality.

Contact the relevant Municipal Authority, which determines the point where waste can be stored.

  • If you need to dispose of the drugs which have expired, take them back to the pharmacy.

When you need to dispose of construction debris, you can take it to collecting yard (beware – you pay for the amount) or directly to controlled landfill in the vicinity (paid of course).

  • If you do not know how to deal with chemist goods you purchased that has no instructions for use in the Czech language, please contact the Czech Trade Inspection.

If you want to dispose of non-functioning valves, fluorescent lamps, batteries, tires, electrical equipment (refrigerators, televisions, computers, etc.) or electric batteries, you can contact the seller who is obliged to inform you about the way of collection of used products. You can find necessary information on the web site of the collective systems ensuring its take back for the whole country. When buying new electrical equipment you can exchange discarded electrical equipment piece by piece in the same store.

What does not belong into the paper container:

  • dirty or greasy paper
  • waxed paper
  • paper mixed with plastic and other materials
  • What does not belong into the plastic container:
  • PVC (linoleum)
  • tires
  • other rubber products
  • foam
  • video and audio cassettes
  • other materials mixed with metal or coarse impurities

What does not belong into the glass container:

  • bulbs
  • porcelain, ceramics
  • coated glass (mirror)
  • safety glass with wire filler
  • TV screen
  • corks from bottles

What does not belong into the container for other waste:

  • construction waste
  • dead animals
  • bulky waste
  • hazardous waste (batteries, electrical equipment, thermometers, etc.)

What does not belong into the container for biological waste:

  • hazardous waste
  • animal waste
  • municipal waste


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