What we do:

- Supervise law enforcement in the area of environmental protection

- Carry out inspections – controls

- Prescribe measures to rectify identi. ed shorcomings

- Impose . nes for non-compliance with environmental legislation

- Control trade with and handling of endagered plant and animal species as well as products made thereof (illegally obtained specimen can be con. scated)

- Impose restrictions or even order closing of operations that pose a serious danger to the environment

- Participate in joint efforts to deal with the old environmental burdens

- Process complaints put forward by citizens and legal persons

- Provide information based on requests pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act and other legal acts

- Disseminate to the public, media and the state administration the environmental data which EI obtains as a result of the performed inspections

- Draw up statements or expert reports for other state admnistration bodies

- Are involved in dealing with accidents in the environmental sector

- Engage in a close co-operation with the inspection authorities of EU member states associated in the IMPEL network

- Impose charges for discharging waste water into surface waters and underground water withdrawal

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