Air Protection

The responsibilities of the Czech Environmental Inspectorate in the area of air protection is aimed for three areas of environment, namely for proper air protection, climatic system of the Earth and ozone layer. Air protection and ozone layer protection are based on legislation from 2002 comprising the Air Protection Act (No. 86/2002 Coll. ) and a set of corresponding implementation legal norms and regulation (EC) No. 2037/2000 of the European Parliament and of the Council on controls of ozone depleting substances. Concerning protection of the climatic system of the Earth, which principle from view of changes in air is emission abatement of selected greenhouse gases, deal with both the Act No 695/2004 Coll. on conditions of the emission trading scheme with greenhouse gases and directly with regulation (EC) No 842/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council on certain fluorinated greenhouse gases. These legal acts charge the Czech Environmental Inspectorate to perform the tasks of the state administration in the area of air protection concerning especially the protection against discharging pollutants into air and in other relevant areas such as protection of the ozone layer and of the climatic system of the Earth. The Inspectorate is the affected authority in the process of issuing permit by the Regional Authorities for the construction of air pollution sources, their operation, construction changes, and operational rules.

Among the main activities of the CEI head office’ air protection department and of the regional inspectorates are:

  • supervision over the compliance of operators of particularly large, large and medium stationary air pollution sources including the inspections of compliance with emission limits, emission ceilings, percentage of volatile organic compounds in selected products by self measuring technique,
  • supervision over the compliance of persons handling with regulated substances and pro- ducts which containing regulated substance; samplings and regulated substances analysis,
  • supervision of fulfilling duties of operators which are registered in emission trading scheme with emissions of carbon dioxide and persons who deal with selected fluorinated greenhouse gases
  • checking the performance of persons authorized by the Ministry of the Environment to exercise certain activities in the area of air protection – drawing up expert reports, dispersion studies, emission and immission measurements, operating waste incinerators and verification of carbon dioxide emission
  • checking performance of engineering inspectors activities in cooling and air-conditioning plants with regulated substances content
  • decision making about stationary sources of air pollution limits, their categorization, regulation order approval and determinations of emission limits in case of combustion several sort of fuel,
  • for proceeding to the authorization of persons who performing emission measurements

We ensure for authorization authority - the Ministry of the Environment - inter-laboratory comparison of tests for persons applying for the official authorization

Air Protection Legislation

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