Forest Protection

Forestry protection is on the two original environmental sectors that CEI was asked to supervise from the moment of its inception and which was established and its competency in the forest protection was specified by the Act No 298/1991 Coll.. Inspection activities in this department are focused on supervision over the compliance of natural or artificial persons with law and decisions concerning the function of forests as a separate environmental sector. Reference especially to the Forest Act No 289/1995 Coll., the Nature and Landscape Protection Act No 114/1992 Coll. and Act No 149/2003,Coll., on the circulation of reproductive materials of tree species significant for forests.

CEI imposes a fine to natural or artificial persons who threaten or demage the environment in forests by their behaviour or omission in that:

  • without authorization use forested land for other purposes than laid down in land-use plans,
  • create conditions, by their actions, for the spread of harmful biotic and abiotic factors,
  • do not comply with measures set by environmental authorities.
  • do not perform duties appointed by the Act No 149/2003 Coll. mentioned above

In forestry protection CEI performs the following core activities:

  • identifies shortcomings and damage caused to functions of forests as an environmental sector, their causes or perpetrators,
  • requests the removal or correction of identified violations, their causes and harmful consequences and imposes corrective measures,
  • checks whether proposed measures have been implemented,
  • in case of an imminent threat CEI can order a restriction or a suspension of activities.

Legislation of Forest Protection

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