Effective from 1st september 2008, the so called green line has been implemented at CEI. This line provides direct and free contact of CEI with the public. The line is used to inform the inhabitants on CEI's competences and to receive motions and complaints from the inhabitants. The line is in operation every day from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Four inquiries are registered daily on the average (approximately 300 calls in the period concerned). Out of this number, 37 cases were subsequently handled as motions.

Administration of motions, complaints is an important part of CEI activities within all departments of environmental protection. Handling of motions and complaints is a reserved activity of the CEI director and directors of regional inspectorates. This activity is embedded in this way in the CEI Constitution and the CEI Rules of Organization. Department of Internal Control of the CEI Headquarters is the methodical workplace for such administration.