International Cooperation

International cooperation with other environmental organizations is an important part of CEI's work. Our membership in the IMPEL network is of special importance, within which we take an active part in working in Expert groups and projects. In order to improve distribution and utilization of information obtained from individual projects, the national network IMPEL was established.

Our cooperation with the network INECE (International network of organizations and institutions seeking an accord in enforcement of the national and international law in the field of the environment) is very important for us, as well as cross-border cooperation with inspection organizations of neighbouring countries, especially with near.border Rls. Bilateral contracts on cooperation have been concluded with Poland and Slovakia.

The inspectors represent the Czech Republic and the province at meetings of international committees to protect the border-crossing watercourses of Labe, Odra and Danube, and take part in dealing with problems concerning the  border-crossing watercourses. 

CEI takes activ part in working for the group "Wildlife Crime", a group dealing with exposing of illegal activities connected with endangered species of freely living animals and wild growing plants, within the international police organization Interpol.