Waste management, Chemical substances and Chemical Preparations

The waste management department is responsible for the control of legal compliance in the area of wastes, packaging, biocides, and chemical substances and preparations.

The legal basis for the CEI to exercise its responsibilities in the area of waste management is the Waste Act No 185/2001 Coll., which came into force on 1st January 2002 and after the Czech republic accessed to the EU this law was updated several times. It stipulates the obligations of individuals and legal persons when manipulating waste as well as the conditions of waste prevention.

The control of compliance with the provisions of this act is performed, among others, also by CEI. This control focuses on legal persons, individuals authorized to do business and municipalities. The control of the citizens’ compliance with the legal provisions of the Waste Act and the municipal waste management are among the responsibilities of the individual municipalities. Waste management is regulated by the Packaging Act No 477/2001 Coll.. This act stipulates the rights and obligations when manipulating with packagings or when marketing packaged goods. It also prescribes charges, protective and corrective measures, and fines. The subject-matter of Act No 356/2003 Coll., on chemical substances and preparations, is the stipulation of rights and obligations of legal persons and authorized individuals with regard to classification and testing of dangerous properties, notification and registration of chemical substances, packaging and labelling, marketing and exports and imports of chemical substances and preparations.

Manipulation with biocides is regulated by Act No 120/2002 Coll., on the terms and conditions of marketing selected biocidal products and active substances, which came into force on 1st July 2002.

The Czech Environmental Inspectorate performs the following core activities with regard to waste management:

  • performing controls, reviews, revisions and investigations aimed at establishing compliance with legal norms,
  • imposes fines for non-compliance with mandatory obligations,
  • sets conditions and deadlines for achieving compliance,
  • issues statements and expert reports for other state authorities,
  • cooperates with Regional Authorities, customs authorities, police, public health offices, financial authorities, and municipalities and provides them with expert consultancy;    it also cooperates with the Czech Retail Inspectorate, fire-fighting services and other organizations,
  • checks compliance with the provisions of the Chemical Substances and Preparations Act No356/2003 Coll., and imposes fines and corrective measures for non-compliance,
  • checks compliance with the provisions of the Packaging Act No. 477/2001 Coll. with regard to the mandatory collection of used packaging and their recycling,
  • pursuant to the Biocides Act No 120/2002 Coll., supervises the compliance with regulation on packaging and labeling of biocidal preparations, their marketing and advertising.

Legislation of Waste management, Chemical substances and Chemical preparations

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